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Stand up boy

I shine so bright when you're around

17 January 1986
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, 311, acting, adobe, andrew wells, anime, art, audiovent, black, blue, books, british accents, buffy, buffy the vampire slayer, candles, cartoons, cds, cedric diggory, cell phone, charmed, cheese, chevelle, clubbing, clubs, coffee, cold play, concerts, dance dance revolution, dancing, dashboard confessional, ddr, default, deviantart, dogs, drawing, england, family, finger eleven, food, gackt, games, ghost of the robot, gorillaz, goth, green, green day, guitar, guitars, harry potter, having fun, heartagram, him, house, house m.d., house md, incubus, internet, inyuasha, ipod, ipod mini, itunes, james marsters, japan, japanese language, jasc, jimmy eat world, john mayer, jude law, kelly clarkson, kira, law & order svu, linkin park, lipgloss, literature, livejournal layouts, lj layouts, lost prophets, love, making graphics, making layouts, manga, mario kart, mars, michelle branch, modest mouse, monk, movies, music, mysql, neo, new found glory, nickel back, nightmare before christmas, nintendo ds, nintendogs, paint shop pro, paint shop pro 7, paolo nutini, papa roach, passions, perfume, photography, photos, photoshop, photoshop 7, php, poetry, punk, reading, red, rei, rock, romance, scripting, scripts, singing, sjrcc, sketch book, spike, stan ianevski, stanislav ianevski, suncoast, switchfoot, teen titans, tenacious d, textures, the 10th kingdom, the 4400, the closer, the matrix, the never ending story, three days grace, true blood, tsunami bomb, vampires, vanessa carlton, veronica mars, video games, viktor krum, webdesign, weezer, working out, writing, x-files